Web Design

Web Design

I wanted to create a non-profit website that would help young children in another country who were being abused, but I couldn’t find anything I needed that I could use on the website. I chose to get a web design from a professional as opposed to trying to create one with the software that I had purchased. All of the software seems like it would help me to get the end result that I wanted, which was a good-looking website, but I wanted something more unique than what the software was giving me.

I didn’t know as much about web design as I thought I did because when I was tinkering around with the software, I thought I was getting the hang of it and doing a good job until I uploaded it and saw that it looked like a mess. I decided that I would leave the entire project of web design in someone else’s hands, and I chose to call a professional. I worked out a budget with the designer, and they told me exactly when they would be able to get the website done. Since this was a project that was near to my heart, I wanted it to be perfect.

I drew up some sketches because I’m pretty good at drawing, and I wanted it implemented in the web design. I allowed the designer to make a few changes if it would make everything go smoother, but they pretty much stuck to the plan that I had. I was in love with the website design Melbourne GMG┬ábefore it finished, and the designer really dug into their heart and put things on the website that I didn’t even think of, which made the site even more unique.

It only took the designer a week to finish the entire web design, and I literally sat there and cried when I saw the finished product. Everything was on the site that I wanted, and he actually finished the website just underneath the budget and offered me a refund for the difference, but instead I gave him a tip. I’m very glad that I chose to let someone with knowledge about designing a website to complete my project as opposed to me doing it myself. All I can say is that my website is great, and I’m grateful for the designer.

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